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          We are British Columbia's Community of Writers. 

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          Supporting the mastery of craft & skill advancement for emerging & established writers


          Connecting writers to communities for support & guidance.


          Providing a platform for writers to advance their reers & reach new audiences.

          Membership Has Benefits!

          We are a community committed to providing support and assistance to our members and writers across BC! See blocks below, or Contact Us with questions. Happy Writing! 

          Join FBCW!

          Membership in The Federation of BC Writers is open to everyone who writes (published and unpublished). The FBCW also invites editors, teachers, librarians, booksellers, publishers and others with an interest in British Columbia’s vibrant writing and publishing community to join.

          WordWorks magazine supports writers in all genres, at all stages of their writing reers by publishing quality articles on the craft of writing. The tri-annual publition of the FBCW is a vital part of our organization. Writers are encouraged to submit articles, advertisers are welcomed, and subscribers are celebrated.

          Latest Issue

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          Subscribe to hear about our book launches, reader news, contests, and more.

          ReadON is designed to help members showse their works to the broader community!

          We encourage folks to sign up for our ReadON newsletter and to tell friends, colleagues, and family about it to reach the widest audience possible.

          We heard loud and clear from our members that you needed some help in getting your work out into the world. This newsletter is your opportunity to showse your accomplishments and to read about those of your peers.

          To sign up for readON, fill out the formo


          FBCW Advertisers & Sponsors

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          Supported by the British Columbia Arts Council

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